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Posh Camping!

During the summer holidays we went on a trip to Burnham Deepdale for a stay lasting two nights, staying in a Mongolian “Yurt.” A yurt is essentially a marquee crossed with a tent. They originated from Mongolia. The group stayed in two yurts, one small and one large.

We arrived and we were instantly surprised at how luxurious the yurts were. After deciding which yurts people were staying in, we decided to spend the night by having a barbeque and playing cricket. The next day we went to Hunstanton to go swimming, ice skating and crazy golf. Later on that evening we went out for a meal which was really nice. After that, we played different games outside the Yurts. The next day after breakfast we arrived home.

Over all the whole stay was a really enjoyable one, we thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. We would like to personally thank Julie along with all the volunteers for this experience.

By Mary, Alex and Rhys.


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