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October half term trip to the Natural History Museum

On Wednesday the 26th of October 24 young people and youth workers went to London to visit the Natural History Museum.

On arrival I was really struck by the size and splendour of the building, as I walked in I was greeted by a huge skeleton of a diplodocus facing me in the entrance hall which got me very excited of what was to come.

One of the first areas I explored was the Green Zone which contained one of my favourite exhibitions, the birds section. This included the extinct dodo and many other birds ranging from humming birds to giant ostriches.

Another really excellent area was the dinosaur section which was full of dinosaur skeletons and included triceratops and my favourite feature the life-size moving T-Rex.

In the Red Zone which was called Earth Zone they had lots of interesting things about our planet. Including a room which was set out as a shop in Japan which included shopping trolleys, shelves full of tins, bottles and boxes. After a few minutes of being in the room the lights started to flicker and the room started to shake with all the stuff rattling around with the floor moving. This was replicating an earthquake which I thought was a bit scary with everything in the room moving.

On the journey home on the bus we saw the London Eye, Big Ben, the Olympic Stadium, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. Also, we stopped for a MacDonalds in Thetford which was very nice!!!!

Overall I really enjoyed the day and would love to go back to explore more of the sights.



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