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25 Young People Headed to the Thetford Electric Forest

On Saturday 10th of December a group from the Holt Youth Project went to High Lodge in Thetford Forest where there was a light display using the natural woodland for animation.

After we arrived we started our walk around the designated path which incorporated the park’s play facilities lit up in various colours which could be played on as well as the illuminated trees as part of the dramatic backdrop.

The part that I really enjoyed the most was the glitter ball tree walk. This was a mixture of illuminated trees either side of a narrow path with round disco balls hung up at various locations along the way. These balls were illuminated by spotlights which reflected hundreds of tiny little circles all around. This was enhanced by atmospheric tune playing in the background.

After we emerged from the disco ball path there was an area in the open were we could buy and roast marshmallows. To the great delight of both of the Jamies.

The final area was a patch of open woodland which would change colour very softly creating a relaxing feel.

By Liam Chidwick


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