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The Railway Experience

Holt – Weybourne – Sheringham

Walking to the steam train, it felt as if we were on our way to Hogwarts! We even started looking for the platform 9 ¾!

The old fashion style of the platform, the brick work and old Steam Train made us feel we had travelled back in time.

The experience was one to remember, having lots of steam train ride, experiencing the different stations, and most importantly having a nice hot chocolate in the Buffet at Sheringham Station!

We also visited to the workshops and signal box at Weybourne Station. This was very interesting as we got to see how they fix the trains and how they work all the signals.

The volunteering was enjoyable, we sold teas and coffee’s in the Railway Cottage and displayed great customer service. It was great learning to communicate and speak to the customers.

Overall, it was a great experience which not many people can say they have done.

Unfortunately we didn’t see Thomas the Tank Engine but maybe we will next time…


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