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Cadbury World Visit

A Willy Wonker adventure…


The day started with a Coach trip to Birmingham. This was a 4 hour journey for the Children but with plenty of entertainment on the coach. This luxurious Coach came with a TV and DVD player which we enjoyed watching ‘Matilda’ ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ and ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’.


4 hours later


We arrived in Birmingham and the Cadbury World Bourneville was in sight. With much excitement the children piled out of the coach, ready for a Chocolaty Adventure!

First of all, the Children watched a Magician perform his magic tricks in the show room. He performed various tricks, with some jokes and some very good Balloon making! We then proceeded onto the actual Cadbury World Tour.

The tour involved a walk through the Aztec Jungle to learn about the history of the coco bean. Then we had a cinema experience to learn how the town of Bourneville was created and how the processes in which Cadbury go through to make the chocolate. To make this more interesting, the cinema seats in which everyone sat in moved and vibrated to make the cinema feel like a simulator.  

We then walked past some of the packaging rooms and Advertising rooms where we saw The Real Cadbury Gorilla! (From the famous advert). This room had various different interactive activities for the children.

This was the part the Children were waiting for… the Chocolate Tasting Area! Each person could get a cup of melted chocolate to taste. All I can say is mmmmmmmmm.

The tour finished up in the gift shop (coincidently) where there was Chocolate everywhere.

The trip had nearly come to an end. There was just one more thing. That thing was…


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