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The Patch 2/11/12

  -Getting out in the great outdoors!-

The Patch is a small project based at Sheringham High School, North Norfolk.

The project Aim is to provide a community smallholding project benefiting intergenerational community and school groups which will deliver training opportunities, the production and supply of healthy food, build community relationships and promote healthy physical, social and mental lifestyles through active engagement

The Holt Youth Project decided to take a small group of young people to ‘The Patch’ , where we had a wonderful time , digging , planting , weeding , sweeping , chicken feeding , chicken cleaning , pig manure dunking , raking , watering …the list goes on!

The chickens were the main attraction. The young people absolutely loved them! They enjoyed cleaning their sheds out, and adding new bedding for them. They even found an egg, which one of the chicks had laid!

At the end of the days work each of the young people were able to pick and hold a chicken of their choice…most of them choosing to pick the biggest chicken of them all!

After all their hard work, they even got a Hot Chocolate and biscuit break! Which I must say, they all really deserved.

The day ended nicely with some fish and chips on the beach…until the seagulls swooped down!


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