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Music Sessions

The first Tuesday of every month during our Youth Hub (7-9pm) Musicians from CME deliever  Music Workshops at the Youth Centre. Our talented Young People have been learning how to play musical instruments including; drums,guitars etc. One of their latest songs has been very topical.

Each Music session the Young People write a song, here is there latest smash hit!

Horse Meat

When I get very hungry

I go down the street

I go into Tesco’s

To get me some Horse Meat!


What’s in our food (x3)

What’s in our food (x3)

What we do we eat

So when I get a burger

I don’t want no fat

But now I start to wonder

Is it dog or cat!


We don’t know what we’re eating

Cos the label are all wrong

We don’t know what we’re singing

But we can sing this song!






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