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T-Shirt Design, Art & Fashion Day

The Holt Youth Project working with Victory Housing Trust organised an Art & Fashion workshop which was held here at the project.

20 Young People took part in this workshop.

We had lots of different art & fashion activities on offer, which were:

* T-Shirt Design
* Beauty Treatments (Face Masks)
* Fashion Design
* Bead Making
* Face Paint & Body Art
* Badge Design 

T-shirt design – The Young People designed their own t-shirts by drawing on them, using pens/pencils/stencils/ to create a very unique and personal design.

Beauty Treatments – In Blush (beauty salon) everyone tried a face mask. Depending on what each individual wanted they could choose from a number of different masks; Banana, Coffee & Coca , oatmeal & yogurt, strawberry & mint and cucumber.

Fashion Design – ripping clothes to pieces and sewing sleeves on different tops and putting holes in jeans. This was where it got messy! Individuals had the chance to create their own fashion clothing, and also got to take it home!

Bead Making – Beads & string. Simple. The Young People could create a unique bracelet using all of the beads we had on offer.

Face Paint/Body Art – vampires, tigers and cats… everyone had the chance to have their face painted to whatever they wanted. Also, painting tattoos on each other’s arms was quite enjoyable. Lots of tribal, Aztec and abstract designs being used!

Badge Design – We had a badge making machine on offer. This allowed the Young People to create cool badge designs which they could then wear.

We are glad everyone had a fun and enjoyable time. Although there was lots of mess to clear up!

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