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Hadrian’s Wall Cycle Challenge 2014


       It’s that time again…

Time for our group of Youth Workers, Volunteers, Victory Housing staff and most importantly a group of Young People to

cycle 86 miles coast to coast.

Starting at Carlisle, making our way through Haltwhistle ‘The Centre of Britain’ and finishing just past Newcastle in Tynemouth.

We travelled up to the north of England in style…by that I mean we travelled in our new Ford Transit mini bus. The Young People enjoyed

socialising with one another on the 6 hour journey and were eagerly waiting to see the ‘Cycle Route 72’ sign.

Once at the starting location, everyone geared up.

Helmet, glasses, gloves, padded shorts, water bottle and most importantly Mars bars. We were ready!

The group only had about 2 hours of biking before it got dark on Friday evening. The aim was to cycle 20 miles to Birdoswald Roman Fort,

which was where we were staying for the two nights.

The views were once again amazing and it was great seeing the enjoyment on the young people’s faces after they completed the first part of this

challenge. After a hot meal and a shower it was off to bed: we needed to sleep to prepare ourselves for the 40 mile cycling the next day!

A nice cooked breakfast was enjoyed. We then set off for our first full day of cycling. The young people couldn’t wait to get going and were

looking forward to the sights ahead. Haltwhistle ‘The Centre of Britain’ was a nice landmark to see along the way…as well as seeing lots of

cows, sheep and big steep hills.

We had a nice meal to look forward to in the evening. The thought of it encouraged

the group throughout the day to continue cycling and not give up.

Steak, Burgers, Pie, Fish & Chips, Spag Bol. They had everything on the menu.

Just what is needed after a long day of cycling!

The final day of the trip. 26 miles to the finish in Tynemouth. By this time the young

people were a tad worn out and you could see the fatigue setting in. They were

absolutely brilliant though and kept on pushing and were determined to finish.

We all enjoyed cycling through Newcastle, passing the Millennium Bridge and The

Sage Gateshead.

Next stop: Tynemouth!

The end was near and you could see everyone’s face light up as the finish point was

in sight. The cool sea breeze at Tynemouth was very refreshing. Although it poured

with rain for the last hour of cycling, the young people were in high spirits after

completing this challenge which has very demanding terrain.

…until next year!


The Holt Youth Project and Victory Housing would like to say a big WELL DONE

to everyone who took part. It was a terrific experience, helping build confidence and

self-esteem and we are all proud of the young people.



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