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Opportunities & Training

ACT (Achieving, Confidence and Training)


Confidence Building

We promote confidence and self-esteem, encouraging young people to be aware of the importance of their own environment and community, promoting good citizenship, social interaction and communication skills.


We support young people to achieve educational, vocational and social skills, to enhance their knowledge leading to college or the workplace, with a better chance of success.

14 – 16 year olds

We provide an alternative curriculum. We work in partnership with local schools and other agencies to offer tailored programmes to meet individual’s needs working at their own pace.

Placements & Training Opportunities

Holt Youth Project offer work experience placements and training , helping young people move towards apprenticeships.


We provide a nurturing environment which young people can use as a stepping stone. The programme will allow each individual to work at a pace that suits their needs, helping them to achieve, and gain confidence to believe in themselves.

This aims to fill a vital link between school and the workplace/college.

The type of young people that will really gain from this programme are the NEET group , 16-19 year olds who have found main stream education difficult for various reasons or are simply not yet ready to move on and are struggling with direction.DSCN1235


  • Young people who have emotional/physical issues on leaving school and are not ready for the transition to work or college.
  • Young people who suffer from conditions such as Asperger’s/ Autism and may be high achievers where school may have not been the right environment for them to reach their full potential.

The programmes are tailored for the individual needs, supporting them through life skills, practical skills and through achieving qualifications on a one to one basis, equipping them for their future and the best possible chance of success.

We explore opportunities with the young people and introduce them to positive activities and workshops to broaden their horizons.

The young people we support come through direct contact with families, Connexions, schools, health visitors and the local medical/social services.